Bodybuilding Basics – Guide (for beginners and for women too)

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When we mention bodybuilding, everybody thinks of something different: Somebody thinks of the 130 kilo professional posing in his speedo. Somebody else thinks about ladies who have bigger muscles than all their male family members put together. Some immediately see Arnold Schwarzenegger.

...and we could still continue the list.

Therefore, a lot of people reject this sport right away, saying they don’t want to be “too muscular”.

If only it would be this easy...

Learn everything about bodybuilding: from the biggest misconceptions, through the bodybuilder “substances” to the basic rules – for beginners and for women too.

The biggest misconceptions of bodybuilding

1. If I go to the gym, I’ll become too muscular

This view is particularly prevalent among women. They often give this excuse for example when they talk about get rid of their so-called “bingo wings”. But bodybuilding doesn’t work like this. Absolutely not.

Unlike other sports, just training isn’t enough and it doesn’t end with training. In fact, the real game just starts there.

If somebody wants to build muscle mass, it has very controlled, almost strict nutritional requirements. If it’s not there, it’s certain that you don’t risk becoming “too big”.

However, we can remove bingo wings, cellulite and similar blemishes if we fill up the skin with muscle. This will make the body tight and our shape will become masculine or feminine.

2. Bodybuilding is unhealthy

As we wrote before, nutrition is very important on the road to development. It is a mistake to train without giving nutrition to the body with which it can build muscles. In order to give this nutrition to the body, you must eat quality food with real nutritional value, such as proteins, carbohydrates and even fibre.

Therefore, contrary to the misconception, bodybuilding isn’t unhealthy, though healthy nutrition is essential for optimal progress. Many people confuse the hormonal substances with nutritional supplements and this is why they are so suspicious. We will return to this later.

3. You have to be in the gym all day to build more muscles

The third point is more or less the end of point 1. This wrong thinking is the reason that many people don’t reach the gym, because they “have no time for this”.

Everybody should take time for sport, especially in this society with so many sedentary jobs. It is not true that you need to train all day and every day – that would cause over-training.

You can work out your body perfectly with three training sessions per week and reach fantastic results after a little while. Forget having to be in the gym all the time. Train wisely, not just hard.

Now, after we’ve discussed the greatest misconceptions, let’s move on to real bodybuilding.

The real bodybuilding for beginners - and for women too!

As we mentioned in the misconceptions, correct nutrition is particularly important for bodybuilding. If your objective is just to give yourself a workout then you won’t have to change your diet.

But if you’re like most people you’ll want to have some kind of exercise – and that’s where it’s worth changing a few little things in your lifestyle

The first step is to learn the basic exercises. You can find these on our website but the internet is also full of them. These are the exercises that are the most effective for your body and as a beginner, These are the exercises that are most effective for your body, and as a beginner, it's definitely worth perfecting them first so that you can vary them later.

It’s also a good idea to train with your own weights at home before you start at the gym, and only buy gym membership when you know how to train with your own weights with confidence.

The point is that you should have a conscious training plan in your mind when you train. Don’t try to re-invent the wheel. If it is already going well then it’s worth taking the second step, which is nutrition.

Maybe this is the most critical, the hardest and the most complicated part of bodybuilding but you don’t have to be a nuclear physicist to learn the real basics.

You don’t have to do everything but it’s worth starting with these:

  • Drink at least 1 litre of water per 20 kg body weight (so if your weight is 80 kg then you should drink 4 litres of water).
  • Eat at least 5 times per day, every 2-3 hours.
  • In the beginning, pay attention to the appropriate quantities of protein and carbohydrates, which, for bulking, are approx. 1,5-2 g/kg body weight from proteins and 4-6 g/kg body weight from carbohydrates every day.

Besides protein and carbohydrates, intakes of vitamins and minerals, as well as good fats and fibre, are really important.

Some basic information:

  • You need to get protein mainly from lean meat, i.e. chicken, turkey, beef – and fish.
  • Carbohydrates from brown rice, bulgur, and oats.
  • Besides these, it is very important to eat vegetables because you can get fibre, vitamins and minerals from them.

The third step is that you’re more involved in the first two steps. You will learn which exercises are the most effective for you. You will know which are the most important sources of protein, carbohydrates and other nutrients.

But what we have to make clear right now is: It’s almost certain that you won’t be able to get the appropriate amount of nutrition for your body from solid food.

And nutritional supplements now arrive on the scene!

Nutritional supplements

Of the bodybuilding “drugs”, supplements are the most important; they are intended to help with the most critical part of bodybuilding - nutrition. Many people think that nutritional supplements are evil things that cause erectile dysfunction and diseases.

Anybody who’s been moving in bodybuilding circles foe even a brief spell knows that it’s a giant misconception. Nutritional supplements don’t contain hormones and are not be confused with steroids, which are illegal.

The purpose of nutritional supplements is to provide you with the nutrients that you simply can’t cover with solid food. So nutritional supplements are no more than protein, carbohydrates and minerals or other nutrient concentrate – without the unnecessary extra nutrients you’ll find in food.

As a beginner, for example, one of the most popular supplement is Jumbo Professional which is essentially protein and carbohydrate. It’s like you’ve eaten a big portion of chicken with rice and a lot of vegetables.

It’s worth distinguishing between illegal steroids and nutritional supplements, because they’re worlds apart.


Maybe there is no other sport that faces so many prejudices as bodybuilding.

Now you know that most of these are simply nonsense. Once you immerse yourself in this topic, you’ll see more clearly.

It’s worth starting by setting your training plan, then follow it with proper nutrition.

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