Post-training carbonhydrate intake on a diet


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Carbohydrate intake after training is something that still causes confusion, especially in the summer, a time when many people are on diet. They’re afraid of adding carbohydrate to their shake after a workout, thinking that would stop them from slimming or even make them gain weight. So they can reduce their post-workout nutrient intake with a dose of protein, and in more fortunate cases, with some glutamine.

However, by banishing carbohydrates from the post-workout smoothie, they can’t make the most of the post-workout period. Their regeneration, the quality of their next workout and, in the long run, their muscle mass might all be impaired.

Consuming carbohydrates after training will encourage glycogen storage to be refilled, which helps recovery and performance, reduces the cortisol level and enhances the infiltration of other nutrients, such as protein, creatine and amino acids.

Does taking in carbohydrate after a workout stop you from losing weight?

After intensive weight-training, fatty acid synthesis is almost completely blocked. Consuming a high amount of carbohydrates will not have an effect on it either.[1]
Moreover, post-workout carbohydrate consumption reduces the energy use of carbohydrates in muscles (glycogen storage is the main factor) and increases the oxidation of fatty acids [2]
So, having carbohydrates after a training will not hinder fat loss resulting from weight training.[3]

What kind of carbohydrate is best to consume right after training?

In the post-workout period, it’s worth relying on fast absorption carbohydrates that require minimal digestion, like Maltodextrin or VITARGO!


The latter is considered an absolute favourite in its category, thanks to its outstanding attributes.

How much carbohydrates should we consume after weight-training on a diet?

That mainly depends on muscle mass, and the length and intensity of the training. 0.3-0.5 g/kg should be a good starting point.

What is a perfect post-workout shake for dieters?


Carbohydrate consumption after training does not hinder weight loss, and when it’s used wisely you can profit from it.

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